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Life Settlement Transactions are when a Life Insurance policy changes owners.  

The Insured remains the same, and receives a lump-sum payout usually equaling about 4-5 times the Cash Surrender Value of the Policy.  An Investor becomes the new Owner of the policy, is responsible for premium payments, and designates the Beneficiary on the policy.  Many times, the Insured may choose to retain some of the Death Benefit for their own Beneficiary. 



What types of policies are eligible for a Life Settlement Transaction?

If the policy is a Whole Life, Universal Life, or Term Policy with a Conversion Rider making it able to be converted into a Whole Life Policy, it may be eligible for a Life Settlement Transaction.  Another factor is the age of the insured, over 55 is preferred, although exceptions to this general requirement are made.  

Insurance Agent

What is the process for finding out if my policy is eligible for a Life Settlement Transaction? 

Atlantic Financial partners with Richmond Life Settlement and offers an almost proprietary process which determines if an existing Life Insurance policy is a viable contract for our Life Settlement Investors.  It starts with policy review, where our top agent reviews the details of the policy with the current owner.  The Insured grants permission for our team to see their recent pharmaceutical records by signing a mini-HIPAA release document.  We respond within 48 hours.


Do you offer free consultations to new customers?

ABSOLUTELY!  Call or Email Rhiannon at 561-706-0093 or

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