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What Sets Us Apart?

We are an INDEPENDENT Life Insurance Agency.  We do not try to push a specific type of policy on you because it's what our company offers... We do the shopping for you!  We work with over 40 carriers in the US, we do the underwriting ourselves and show you the most affordable options in the industry.  You get the power to chose the option that fits your needs, your budget, and the future of your family.  


We are a Life Settlement Brokerage.  We sell, buy, and place existing policies with Investors.  We represent our client, regardless of the role they may be in, throughout the closing process.  Whether you are selling your policy as the Owner and Insured, or if you are buying a policy to add to your Investment Portfolio, we guide and advise through all steps required by law.  We are licensed in 43 states to oversee the three sides of a Life Settlement Transaction, similar to the role of a Title Company in a Real Estate Transaction.

For more information on the INVESTOR side of Life Settlement check out our Partner 

- Richmond Life Settlement -

Father & Son

~ Life Insurance ~
The best pillow you can sleep on.  

Knowing your loved ones won't be burdened with your end-of-life costs and that you will leave them tax-free inheritance, creates important peace-of-mind. 

Suburban Homes

 ~ Life Settlement ~ 
The only asset class with potential for a hyper-return that's as safe as a bond. 


SELL your policy before you walk away with $ZERO after paying in for all these years.

BUY an existing policy and DIVERSIFY your INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO. 

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